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Convert online video to mp3 using Flvto in 3 easy steps:

  • STEP 1: copy video URL address. You can find it in the share menu.
  • STEP 2: open Flvto, paste URL into white box and hit download button.
  • STEP 3: big button converts video to mp3, small helps download mp4
  • Flvto is online video to mp3 converter with many features

    Welcome to Flvto, one of the oldest names in the scene. Our website is very young though and has been built with 1 single purpose: to deliver online video to mp3 converter that doesn't bother users with millions of ads, popups, redirects, notifications. You name it, - we don't do it. Original Flvto is suffering under the burden of monetization, so here's new and improved Flvto that doesn't. Check it out, we have packed it with a ton of awesome features, it works with close to 650 websites and video archives, it just makes sense to use it insead of the more evil Flvto versions out there... Yes, there are many... And ours is the best!

    Convert Youtube to mp3

    Flvto is Youtube to mp3 converter with many awesome options. You can also download Youtube videos here in many formats and quality options.

    Convert Facebook to mp3

    Facebook to mp3 converter is something Flvto was born to be. Plus it can help download Facebook videos with all options, formats and sizes.

    Convert Instagram to mp3

    Flvto can hep if you're looking for ab Instagram mp3 converter. Here you can download videos from Instagram to mp4 file format quick and easy.

    Convert Twitter to mp3

    Twitter to mp3 converter is included when you're using Flvto. Check out multiple options to download Twitter videos, including up to HD format.

    Convert Reddit to mp3

    If you want to download videos from Reddit or convert Reddit video to mp3 - don't skip Flvto, because here you can do just that and so much more.

    Convert playlist to mp3

    Flvto can help you download videos from Youtube playlists as well as convert whole Youtube playlist to mp3. Give it a try with a playlist link.

    Youtube to mp3 and mp4 converter online

    Yes, Flvto can convert videos from several websites to mp3, that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and most importantly - Youtube. Flvto is one of the original Youtube to mp3 converters that still exists to do the job right. Here you can convert Youtube videos to mp3 and download the file to your device for later offline entertainment options. It is basically DVR-ing Youtube, just make sure don't share any of the recordings with anyone, keep them to yourself, enjoy them on your own. Plus take this as a preview service. If you like the music you download - consider buying it online from official sources to support the artists and also obtain much better sounding versions of the songs, as Youtube doesn't provide really good sound for audio-philes.

    Otherwise Flvto can help when you need Youtube to mp3 converter with many options. One of our most prominent features is built-in Youtube video search. Just type something in the input box above, and we will try to helo you find relevant videos on Youtube. Simply click on any thumbnail to convert video to mp3. After mp3 is downloaded, it'll be easy to find in your collection because our mp3 converter includes all the artist/title/genre/etc meta-data into mp3 ID-tags, as well as video thumbnail as mp3 album art. And if you're looking to download Youtube video to mp4 file, - simply click the little button below the big mp3 button to proceed to video download options. There are also numerous ways to speed up your interaction with Flvto, read more below.

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    Flvto has free and lite-weight web app that closely resembles the website and can do everything website can. To install it, simply click on the add to home screen button above and follow browser instructions. Google and Windows support such apps on modern Android devices and all the desktops and laptops with rather fresh Windows versions. Apps are cool and ours is also very nice. Check it out, uninstall if you don't like it, - it's just a few clicks.


    Download Mp4

    Try this bookmark for quick access to Flvto. Simply drag and drop it your browser's bookmarks bar to save this button, then visit online page with video and hit the button in bookmarks. It will send you here along with the video page URL, it will then submit video URL to Flvto for processing and search of download options. It helps avoid the URL copy-paste process, which is quite annoying sometimes... Give it a spin, delete it if you don't like it.